Day 150

We had a “date night” tonight (it was another concert, so we didn’t really spend a lot of time focused on each other), forcing us to once again leave Miles with a babysitter. Now, we have a couple great sitters/nannies who are providing this much-needed service, but lately Miles has been extremely cranky at bedtime regardless of who’s putting him down. He also seems to be very aware of the tell-tale signs of mommy and daddy leaving the house, which generally doesn’t help things.

This has a tendency of making evenings away a little difficult to enjoy. Maybe it’s just a first-time parent thing, but knowing we’re leaving a fussy baby behind means our thoughts (particularly Jaclyn’s) will be drifting to him about once every two minutes for the duration of the night.

So I’m very pleased to report that by the time we were seated at the venue for tonight’s show, Jaclyn had already received a text from the sitter that Miles was fast asleep by seven o’clock, and that he had gone to bed with no fussing. Now, it’s not that we went through the remainder of the night without thinking or talking about Miles at all (there were some friends there who needed to be filled in on everything baby-related), but Jaclyn and I were both able to relax and enjoy what was an absolutely spectacular show (courtesy of Weezer and The Pixies), which the two of us definitely needed!

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