Day 138

Tonight, we drove back home to Myrtle Beach for the first time since Miles was born so I could go to my high school reunion my mother could see the baby again. This is a trip we’ve often made after work on a weekday, and I’ve always found making the drive at night to be a better option than dealing with daytime traffic, especially heading into the beach during the summer time.

Of course, having a child adds a new wrinkle to this trip. I didn’t want to get in too late, thereby disrupting Miles’s miraculous sleeping routine, but by 7:00 it seemed unavoidable. However, all my fears were for naught.

Thankfully, Miles still fell asleep quickly once we were on the road. Now, I figure sleeping in his car seat, his head slumped over, has got to be about as comfortable as I find sleeping on airplanes (also with my head slumped over). The power of slumber, however, was more than a match for Miles. He only woke up and started fussing as we neared our destination around 11:00. Even then, he was quickly lulled back to dreamland when Jaclyn played some ocean sounds for him (part of his nightly ritual).

The real hidden benefit to continuing to make the drive at night? No frequent feeding stops needed!

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