Day 137: The Teething Diaries II

More often than not, Miles’s bedtime is accompanied by various degrees of a stink. Not the diaper blowout kind, but the “WHY ARE YOU ABANDONING ME TO THE DARKNESS!” kind. Sometimes he gets fussy to protest simply going to bed; other times, he’s just in need of a little more food. And then there are times, like tonight, where his fussing is caused by the tiny, sharp objects trying to emerge through his gums.

Miles isn’t much of a pacifier fan, but we’ll occasionally give him one if he’s sucking his thumb a lot. Thinking it might placate his consternation tonight, I handed one to him. I might as well have been handing a goat to a t-rex.


Miles went TO TOWN on that binky. And not in the recommended way either.

Sizing up his prey…
…and going for the kill.

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