Day 113

Today marked the next big (and hopefully LAST big, for the time being) transition phase of Miles’s young life — starting daycare. So far, it’s seemed like just as we get into a groove with whatever our current situation is, that situation changes in some way (me going back to work, Jaclyn going back to work). For better or worse, whatever the current situation ends up looking like should be the standard for the forseeable future.

The babe on his first day of daycare, clearly ready for anything.

As with all things baby, there was a lot of planning that went into making sure Miles had the smoothest transition possible, right down to some of the most…well, I’m going to say “bizarre” preparations. The following exchange occurred between me and Jaclyn on Sunday:

Jaclyn: “Do we have something with our scent on it?”

Me: “What? So like…the crime dogs can find us?”

Jaclyn: “No, for Miles to have at daycare.”

Me: “…my boxers? This is a weird question.”

Despite my discomfort with this line of questioning, Jaclyn persisted. She, thankfully, soon started to think about more generalized comfort items Miles might like to have with him, although…

Jaclyn: “He doesn’t really get attached to things.”

Me: “Except for his hands.”

After much deliberation and preparation, we had Miles ready to go this morning. Were WE ready? Well, that’s another question.

We expected tears, whimpering…SOMETHING when we dropped Miles off, but the fact is he couldn’t have been more chill if he pulled out a pair of shades, put them on, and started nodding.


By 11:00, Jaclyn had called to check in and was given the report that Miles’s chillaxed attitude was persisting throughout the day. Still, by 3:00 Jaclyn had managed to convince herself that Miles somehow “needed us,” because she sent me the following text:

RIGHT. It’s for HIS benefit.

And of course she picked him up early, going on and on about how much she missed him. “Were you thinking about Miles today?” she later asked me. Perhaps inspired by our son, I decided to play it cool. “Yeah. Sure.”

Miles has been what most first-time parents would call an “easy baby” so far, but I still find myself surprised by just how nonchalant he is about things. I certainly expected some tears or consternation today, if only for the change in scenery, but I really do think that having a part-time nanny for the past month has helped gradually transition Miles into daycare.

You might be thinking, “Doesn’t it bother you that he doesn’t overtly miss you when he’s away?” Well it might, if not for the huge smiles that greeted us after he was picked up. Maybe the saying about absence making the heart grow fonder rings true even when you’re barely three months old.

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