Day 112: Daddy’s First Father’s Day

Today was day three of HeroesCon, the event that annually swallows a weekend of my life (and untold amounts of my income) whole despite almost every person I know relentlessly scheduling other critical social events the same weekend.

Ozzie Smith

I can’t help that it falls on Father’s Day weekend. I’m also not that into self-aggrandizing holidays, which is why Jaclyn gave me my gifts in advance of what was going to be a busy weekend for me (away from my family).

This morning, Jaclyn planned to meet our friends Jessica and Scott (and their recently-born daughter Hope) for a Father’s Day Brunch event at Sycamore Brewing. Me? I was planning on getting dropped off at the convention beforehand. But then, as I woke from my convention-induced coma, I looked over at Jaclyn and Miles at the foot of the bed, and a voice inside me bellowed, “YOU BONEHEAD.”

Of course I went with them to brunch for Father’s Day. Sure, I’m the one getting presents*, but Father’s Day isn’t a day for them to celebrate ME for doing…whatever the hell it is I’m doing as a father; it’s about ME celebrating THEM and just being thankful for the chance to BE a father.


* I did, of course, then go to the convention, where I picked up a gift FOR MILES — a commission piece by Michael Cho of Miles’s namesake, the ultimate Spider-Man. Upon handing it to me, Cho said, “Drawing the red lines over the black took forever and I am NEVER drawing this character again.”
Pictured: A man pushed to the brink of madness.

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