Day 11

Yesterday, we took Miles on his first leisurely excursion — a walk in the park. This was quite a production, involving a number of wardrobe changes and quality time spent figuring out how to use his stroller, but eventually we landed on the right combination.

Emboldened (and unwilling to let a trivia night focused entirely on LOST slip past), we aimed a little higher tonight, taking Miles with us to Thirsty Nomad Brewing and beginning his long descent into chronic alcoholism. Jaclyn used the…torso carrier? I’m really not sure what it’s called, but simply “carrier” seems a bit misleading (and it led to a little confusion between the two of us. Miles virtually vanished into it, but he didn’t make a peep the entire trip.


There was some debate about the number of bottles we should prepare and take with us. Jaclyn figured one would suffice, given that we’d only be gone long enough to warrant one feeding. I, as usual, wanted to be prepared for multiple scenarios and talked Jaclyn into taking two. Good thing too, because he tore ass through them both as soon as we got to the brewery. It was almost like he knew that this was a place for drinkin’.

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