Day 10

I’ve told people repeatedly this week that it’s not the baby keeping us up at night, but rather the other way around. And while that continues to be true, it does seem that nights have become needlessly complicated and directionless.

Our burgeoning system of mutual assistance all but completely corrodes at night, when both of us are groggy and less capable of adjusting to needed changes in the moment. Last night was bad enough that, the moment I woke up today, I started talking with Jaclyn about ways to smooth out overnight procedures. If we’re both exhausted, neither one of us is doing anyone a service. Not ourselves, not each other, and not Miles.

With this in mind, we’re trying a few new things tonight. First, we’re operating “shifts,” with me taking care of the 2:00-ish hour and Jaclyn getting the 4:00-ish hour. Second, I’m bulking up the ready-made formula going into each night so we always have that to fall back on immediately. Third, we’re trying to limit Jaclyn’s breast pumping at night, as this really seems to be the most disruptive element (often I’ll wake up to change him, then go back to sleep while Jaclyn feeds, only for Jaclyn to wake me back up after pumping 20 minutes later for ME to feed him…repeat process every 90 minutes).

Hopefully, this will all bring us one step closer to maintaining our sanity.

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