Year 2, Day 111: Baby’s First HeroesCon!

Be it blessing or curse, Father's Day weekend always brings with it the magic and exhaustion of HeroesCon. This year, with Miles finally aware enough to recognize both Spider-Man and Captain America, I was determined to spend Father's Day the way all fathers dream of -- forcing my hobbies and interests upon him in the … Continue reading Year 2, Day 111: Baby’s First HeroesCon!

Day 314: Baby’s First Haircut!

It's hard to believe, considering there was a time not so long ago when all of his hair was falling out, but Miles has finally gotten to a point where he's a little shaggy and perpetually disheveled. Understanding her own limitations as a hairdresser and valuing a quality haircut over most everything else, Jaclyn declared … Continue reading Day 314: Baby’s First Haircut!