Day 291

Miles is having a long week. He may have gotten some extra time with his mom and dad on Monday due to the weather, but Tuesday and Wednesday nights he was back to business as usual, spending the evenings with his babysitter.

And although Thursday nights generally bring with them a return to family time, tonight we employed the services of the babysitter for a third consecutive night so Jaclyn and I could go see Miles’s namesake in the big screen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (a movie I frankly can’t recommend enough).

To say Miles was less than enthused is a gross understatement. Upon seeing his babysitter, he gave us a look that screamed, “Are you f@%$-ing” KIDDING ME? AGAIN???” before the floodgates opened up. His bellowing was so loud that we could hear it outside as we got in the car.

I wish Miles was old enough to have come with us, because perhaps more than any movie I’ve seen in recent memory, I cannot wait for us to watch this one together.

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