Year 2, Day 152

We took our second annual family trip to GalaxyCon (formerly SuperCon) in Raleigh today for another weekend of celebrities, cosplayers that freak Miles tf out, and a family photo. Miles was a lot more alert and engaged this year and — surprise, surprise — he was a big hit with everyone he met (including MY longtime crush).

Miles enjoys a view far above the madding crowd.

Our day started with a brief meeting with David Tennant for a photo op. I was there for Doctor Who, Jaclyn was there for Broadchurch, and Miles…well Miles didn’t know what the hell he was there for. But he did look at the camera this time!


Last year, when faced with his first encounter with a Star Trek alum, Miles was fast asleep. However, he was wide awake this year when meeting the great George Takei, who regaled Miles with cautionary tales of his time in a WWII Japanese internment camp.

While we were waiting in line for Mr. Takei and throughout the remainder of the day, Miles got a little loopy, giving in to his sillier instincts and acting, generally speaking, like a total nut. This behavior ranged from grabbing the sides of my head and kissing me repeatedly to barking like a dog and crawling all over the floor during Q&A panels.

Wild man.

It wasn’t all fun and games though. On one bathroom trip, we ran across not one, but TWO Spider-Men, both of whom I eagerly pointed out to Miles.

“Look! Spider-Man!” I said, directing Miles’s eyes to the nearby cosplayers.

Miles looked at them nervously, then slowly began shaking his head. It was sort of like this response:


Continued distaste for real-life costumed crimefighters notwithstanding, it’s hard to argue that Miles’s day was anything other than a success. As I stood in lines, Jaclyn carted Miles around to various celebrities, introducing him to Anthony Michael Hall, MST3K’s Jonah Ray, and the lovely and talented Rachael Leigh Cook. It was the end of the day before I found myself in RLC’s glowing presence, and of course Miles upstaged what was undoubtedly the biggest moment of my life by blowing her a kiss and melting her heart. Absolutely ridiculous.

Another one of Google’s automatic collage creations, showcasing (in theory) the biggest moments of the day.

The day left Miles (and, frankly, mom and dad) wiped out. That evening, Miles could barely even muster the energy to watch Sesame Street.

Still, he struggled to stay awake.

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