Year 5, Day 319

Miles is really excited about the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, and McDonald’s has made it really difficult to explain release schedules to an impatient four-year-old with their recent release of the accompanying Happy Meal toys. The movie won’t be out until April, but Miles is frequently lamenting that “we missed it,” since it’s been a week and he at least recognizes how quickly the cultural focus shifts from one Big Thing to the next. All I can do is keep assuring him that I’m just as excited about it as he is and that, yes, we will be there opening weekend.

In the meantime, his desire to acquire Happy Meal toys is more acute than ever, which resulted in McDonald’s visits that were close enough to result in duplicates. I asked Miles if I could have one of them and was shocked when he quickly and emphatically said yes. Now I’ve got a toy on my desk at work that reminds me of TWO of my favorites!

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