Year 5, Day 318

I dabble in podcasting, and one of the first things anyone recording at home needs to consider is environmental noise. You want to be able to record somewhere as silent as possible, and with plenty of noise-buffering material around. It comes as no surprise that attempting to record anything when you have a family — especially one as prone to relentless cacophony as mine — can be extremely challenging. I typically try to skirt this by recording late at night, after everyone has gone to sleep. Sometimes, however, you gotta improvise.

My “recording studio” this week was my bedroom closet, chosen not only for its buffering qualities (rows of clothing really serve well in this regard), but because once I was safely sealed inside, there were THREE doors between me and the other members of my family, two of which were locked. I have to admit, I might just do this sometimes for my own sanity, whether I’m recording anything or not.

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