Year 5, Day 272

It has been three years since we last made the trip to Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving, and it’ll be at least one more since we stayed in Charlotte again this year. While, yes, that means I won’t see my parents and siblings this year, it does mercifully mean that we got to enjoy a slow start to the day, giving Miles plenty of time to lose himself in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

As entranced as he was by the dancing and musical performances, he was even more excited when the balloons started showing up.

Being unaccustomed to the commercials of broadcast television, Miles once again found his patience wearing thin during each break. “I DON’T CARE!” he’d scream at the screen amidst the advertisements, exhibiting perhaps even less tolerance than his grandfather has for such things.

As for dinner, when my brother-in-law Scott says he’s cooking, you best believe I’ll be there with an appetite. Miles, too, did a decent job of eating his food, although it comes as no surprise he had a singular interest in the dessert options.

Including the Miles-exclusive dirt cake provided by Scott’s mom. This kid gets all the good stuff.

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