Year 5, Day 262

I was reading a story to Miles at bedtime when he started rubbing his nose. What began as a few small swipes quickly escalated into something more aggressive, with Miles resorting to using the sleeve of his pajamas.

I stopped reading. “Miles, do you need–“

“It’s just water!” he interrupted. “I got water on my nose.”

Still, the rubbing continued. “Look, buddy,” I said. “Do you need a tissue?”

“No!” he declared. At this point he stopped rubbing his nose, and I started reading again.

Only a few seconds later, Miles interrupted my reading. “I’m gonna do a magic trick,” he said. Shuffling the fingers on his right hand, he said, “Taaaa…taaaa…” And, once everything was in position, he extended his index finger right into my face. “…DAAAA!” he finished. “It’s a booger!”

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