Year 5, Day 260

Every year, around this time, Asheville’s Highland Brewing releases their seasonal holiday beer, Cold Mountain, as well as a host of delicious varieties. It’s an event we make room for annually, and today we brought not only Miles with us, but also (God help me) Brie, who after being on bedrest for almost two weeks was…energized.

Knowing the event would be extremely busy, I feared all the myriad ways my nice, relaxing afternoon might be upended by my absolutely insane family, but thankfully both Miles and the dog were relatively well behaved?

Yes, I bribed them both with snacks.

Cold Mountain Popcorn is Miles Approved!

Along with our friends, we snagged a table near the entrance, one that was right next to a nice photo op. I lost track of the number of times Miles either took a group photo or appeared in one with a bunch of strangers.

His “you sure you don’t want me to take that picture?” face.

He was a big hit, so was Brie, and so was (for Daddy) the beer (maybe TOO big a hit with Daddy in all honesty). Another great afternoon at Highland in the books!

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