Year 5, Day 251

One of the concepts Miles has loved learning about the most at school so far this year is compound words. Throughout our recent trip (and even before it), Miles would spontaneously toss little nuggets out like, “Hey Daddy, guess what? If I have a pine and I have an apple, guess what I have…A PINEAPPLE!”

Granted, he’s tried this method with names that are not exactly examples of compound words. For instance, “If I have black and I have a panther, guess what I have…?”

“Eh, well,” I’ll interject, “Black Panther isn’t really a compound word. It’s just two separate words.”

“Oh,” he’ll reply. “Well if I have bat and I have man…”

“Now Batman IS a compound word!” And on we’ll go.

It’s cool to see him working on the skills and concepts he’s developing an understanding of, but what’s even more exciting is to see just how enthused he is about all of it.

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