Year 5, Day 246

When we asked Miles what he wanted to be for Halloween this year, he considered a modest list of approximately 50 possibilities before finally settling on the obvious answer we always expected.

If you guessed “Chase from PAW Patrol holding the head of Chase from PAW Patrol,” you are correct.

As was the case last year, Miles not only dictated the theme for the family’s costumes, he also dictated which characters Jaclyn and I would be. And so, Jaclyn did not get to dress as one of the female PAW Patrol characters, and I was once again tasked with being the least popular member of the team.

His thing is REYCLING?? LAAAAME.

To say Miles was excited for Halloween this year was an understatement, and he even got a visit from his friend Audrey to join in for Trunk or Treat today!

I should mention that Miles applied his own makeup.

After a successful evening of candy collection, we all went to JJ’s Red Hots for dinner. It went great.

This is the realest family portrait we’ve ever taken.

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