Year 5, Day 184

“Daddy,” Miles began, pointing at my chin, “what are those?”

“Oh, those hairs? They grow on my face when I need to shave.”


“Yeah, they get longer, like a beard, and then I shave them, and then they grow back again. It goes on and on.”

“I don’t want to have those hairs.”

“Well one day you’ll have to shave too.”

“Well actually,” which is a phrase that ALWAYS means Miles is about to drop a totally unpredictable worldview on you, “I’m just going to get someone to put a Kid Sizer in me so I can stay the way I am now. Forever.”

“A Kid Sizer, huh? That’ll keep you the same size and everything?”

“Yeah, so I will only be four. Because I don’t want to change. I just want to stay a kid.”

“Well…what would happen if I used a Kid Sizer too?”

Miles was delighted by this prospect. “Then YOU could be four and we can both be kids together!”

“And then Mommy would have to raise TWO boys?”

“Yeah! And she won’t know which one’s the daddy!”

“You’re right, we probably would look the same.”

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