Year 5, Day 171

In the days that followed our recent trip to Super Abari, Miles began honing his video game skills as we’ve tackled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge together. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers are the perfect size for him, and the game itself has really given Miles a chance to finally “get” how controller buttons function. As this has gotten easier for him, his interest in other games has increased. This weekend, he asked to play some Mario Kart.

“I want to be Bowser!” he said. “Because Bowser cheats!”

“Miles!” I exclaimed, taken aback by his brazen admission. “That’s not a good reason to play as Bowser!”

“UH! I MEAN…” He tried to quickly change course. “I want to play Bowser because he’s super-fast!” (NOTE: He is not.)

He ultimately settled on Luigi, playing a Team Race with me so he could get accustomed to the controls without necessarily having to lose races over and over. I expected him to need a lot of help, but after I explained the basic controls Miles got along pretty well! You can see a little of his steering in the video below (he’s on the right). Not bad for a first-timer!

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