Year 5, Day 150

As he was climbing into bed last night, Miles suddenly shared with me a plan so nefarious, and specific, that I have to believe he’d been thinking about it all day.

First, he grabbed a talking Jar-Jar Binks doll from the lineup sitting on his headboard..

“While Mommy’s sleeping, I’m going to sneak up on her and press that button on Jar-Jar Binks,” he said, indicating the spot on the doll’s belly where the button was housed. “And Mommy will think there’s a criminal under the bed.”

I didn’t want any part of his scheme, but he soon made me an accessory, continuing, “When you go to bed, you tell Mommy everything is fine. Then I’ll sneak up on her and press the button and he’ll yell and scare her.”

Tell Mommy everything is fine.” Am I raising a psychopath?

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