Year 5, Day 148

We’ve had a lot of friends who’ve had new additions to their families recently, be a first child, second, or two at the same time. And while I’ve been happy for each of them, the feelings arising in Jaclyn have been…different. Yes, she’s happy for the families, but she has also admitted that see all the newborn pics has given her an acute case of “baby fever.” The woman who long, long (LONG, I cannot stress this enough) ago told me that she had no interest in having children now wants a second. Now, there are a lot of considerations when thinking about whether or not to have a second child, ranging from the logistical to the financial, and we’ve been discussing them all. After all, the decision to add another member to our family shouldn’t be taken lightly.

So anyway, today we got a dog.


I was informed early this morning that we would be taking a trip to F%$&ING COLUMBIA to “look at” a rescue pup in need of a home. Having discussed the prospect of adopting a pet for LITERALLY ONE WEEK, we had at least agreed on the need for Miles to be a part of whatever decision we made. And so we all went to see the three puppies that remained from the litter and see which one seemed to align with our energy the best.

Miles weighs his options.

Ultimately, it was young Brie that came home with us after proving herself both chill and the least likely to send Miles nervously running away.

Although we both come from pet-having families, Jaclyn and I have never had a pet in our time together. And although this happened far quicker than I thought it would (as opposed to parenthood, which happened FAR later than I might have predicted earlier in my life), I think we can all agree that Brie is a welcome addition.

A boy and his dog.

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