Year 5, Day 147

A couple mornings ago, Miles woke up complaining that he wasn’t feeling well. He did appear a little lethargic and so, in an abundance of caution, we kept him home from daycare.

By the middle of the day, neither of us was convinced Miles was actually sick. He was bouncing around the house, interrupting Jaclyn’s work, and immediately wanted to roughhouse the second I walked through the door. By the end of the day, we were confident he’d be headed back to daycare in the morning.

Well in the middle of the night, Miles stumbled into our bedroom and clambered into the bed. He was coughing — one of those, deep, crackling coughs — and over the course of the night developed a fever. Sooooo we were wrong in our initial assessment. Miles was definitely sick.

Today was the third day we’ve kept Miles home from daycare. Having worked with kids for many, many years, I’ve grown to anticipate thinly-veiled attempts at deception. Sometimes though…sometimes you just need to trust that they’re being honest with you.

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