Year 5, Day 119

Not a hoax! Not a dream! Today, making its return after three years, marks the beginning of HeroesCon. My friends George and Sam came to town for the show, and that means Miles’s BFF Audrey is here too.

Miles couldn’t wait to see Audrey and started talking about her impending arrival a couple days ago. “Is Audrey coming today?” “Can Audrey sleep in my room?” and “Who’s Uncle George?” were regular refrains heard in the Martin household this week. By the time I arrived home from work last night, Miles and Audrey were already well into their time together, searching for any and every reason to stop eating dinner and start playing.

The honeymoon period was over this morning, however, as Miles quickly discovered he would be headed to daycare while Audrey was being whisked off with her parents and me to HeroesCon. This was the only picture I got when Audrey asked for a hug when Miles was on his way out the door.

Her eyes scream, “…you gonna let him do me like that?”

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