Year 5, Day 118

It’s no secret that Miles loves bedtime stories, both ones that are invented on the spot and more standard storybook fare. When it comes to the latter, he usually insists on three books. I’ll then talk him down to two — we can’t sit up reading all night after all. But then, one of those books is often not a story at all, but a Search and Find book.

Yes, Miles loves a good yarn, but he’s just as interested in hunting through busy double-page spreads looking for flags, dogs, Stormtroopers…whatever the book calls for. And as much as I’d rather avoid books that get his brain working when I’m trying to get him to relax and go to sleep, I too am unable to resist the pull of these books. Sure, some of them make things a bit too easy (like that Where’s Waldo? gag from The Simpsons), but Miles deliberately seeks out the hardest books he can find, relishing the challenge. It’s always fun to watch him point and peck away at these books as he intently studies the pages; sometimes it’s also fun to play along with him (even if, admittedly, there are times where his eyes prove much keener than mine).

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