Year 5, Day 113

We traveled to Raleigh to visit my brother and sister-in-law this weekend, and while Miles was excited to see them, what he was really interested in was seeing their cat. Unfortunately (for Miles, not the cat), we arrived last night to find that their power was out.

It didn’t really stop him from LOOKING for the cat, just SEEING him.

It was only minutes later, almost the exact moment Miles asked when the lights would be back on, when power miraculously returned and Miles’s cat hunt could begin in earnest.

Looks like they’ll get along great.

In an effort to give the poor animal some degree of peace, today we went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, which is a FREE (!) museum filled with all sorts of wonders of the natural world that Miles couldn’t wait to get his grubby mitts on.

Fortunately there was a room just for that!

Miles may have had the most fun in that hands-on playroom, which included toys, shells, nests, and even costumes for him to check out.

Here he is dressed as a triceratops, moments before charging at me.

But I took perhaps no greater pride than when Miles expressed interest in seeing the small poop-related exhibit I found.

Look at the size of it!

Beyond the playroom and the poop, Miles was on a mission to see as much of the complex as he could.

Consulting the map.

While he wasn’t quite exhausted enough to take a nap afterwards (there was, after all, a promise of ice cream), it’s safe to say that Miles had a great afternoon with us (and his aunt and uncle!).

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