Year 5, Day 106

Tragedy struck last night, as our AC stopped blowing cool air. Certainly a problem moving into what by all accounts will be a brutally hot week, Jaclyn woke up Saturday morning immediately looking for a service provider. Miles, of course, had his own thoughts.

“Well Daddy can fix it,” he reasoned.

“Daddy doesn’t know how to fix an air conditioner,” Jaclyn said, very correctly.

“Well I think he does,” Miles countered. “Daddy is good at fixing things.”

“Well he can’t fix this,” Jaclyn repeated.

Miles considered this, then offered another idea. “Well I can fix it.”

“Oh, YOU can fix it?” Jaclyn asked incredulously.

“Yeah because I’m good at fixing air conditioners.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes,” he said. Taking a moment, perhaps thinking about what he had potentially just gotten himself into, a few seconds later he said, “Uh…now where is your air conditioner?”

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