Year 5, Day 53

This past weekend, in an effort to appease Miles’s persistent desires to 1) go outside and 2) break the ever-loving s*** out of something, I pulled out one of his birthday gifts — a gemstone digging set.

Couple of things: 1) that slab, while soft enough to chip apart, is still pretty hard to hammer through. 2) Miles isn’t quite dexterous enough to use a hammer and chisel yet. Fortunately, no fingers were harmed in the mining of these gemstones.

Giving up the chisel was helpful in this regard, although it didn’t make it easy to break the slab apart.

I had to step in and do a lot of the precision chiseling, working inward from the edges, but Miles did a fine job on gemstone-spotting duty. Between the two of us, it wasn’t long before the rock was sufficiently pulverized.

And what did Miles do with his newfound gems? Crammed them all into an empty Easter egg, naturally.

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