Year 5, Day 21

Jaclyn went out for a girl’s night with one of the neighbors tonight, and while I was fine staying in with Miles after an exhausting week, Miles was…less agreeable.

Wailing at the door and insisting Mommy stay, Miles ultimately had to be physically dragged from the doorway so Jaclyn could leave. As in most cases, he calmed down within minutes, but his resolve to spend the evening with his mother did not.

“I got an idea,” he said once the tears stopped.

“What’s your idea?”

“Daddy! Let’s race Mommy there!” Clever. If we race Mommy there, we’ll end up at the same place. One problem though…

“I don’t even know where she’s going,” I replied. “Do you?”

“Yeah,” Miles said, but then his certainty faded. “Well I know lots of places,” he conceded. “I know south, and west… So I bet she went south.” Then, a moment later, “Or west.”

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