Year 4, Day 354

Today was Valentine’s Day, and Miles came home with a special message for us.

I responded by giving him the gift I had picked up for him.

This is the way…to your heart.

I’m not sure how many couples with children out there still concern themselves with spending Valentine’s Day exclusively with their spouses, but I was more interested in all of us having a nice dinner together. Thankfully, the mouthiest Miles got on this trip was when I was reading the menu to him.

“Well, they’ve got chicken and waffles, mac and–“

“CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!” Miles interrupted, looking the server dead in the eyes. And so it was that Miles enjoyed chicken and waffles for Valentine’s Day.

“Is that ICE CREAM???” he asked as the dish arrived at the table, his brain trying to process the bounty before him.

It was strawberry butter, but he sure ATE IT like it was ice cream.

But the best Valentine’s gift received tonight? Miles wrote an upper- and lower-case ‘e’ on his placemat:

Sure, the lowercase one is sideways, but that’s still pretty good!

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