Year 4, Day 339

Following an exciting afternoon of being driven around in a limo and drinking wine, Jaclyn went to bed pretty early last night. Good thing too, because it left Miles and me free to prepare her birthday gifts. Specifically, we needed to fill out the cards (plural) that Miles insisted on getting her.

“Okay, buddy,” I said, sitting on his bed with pen in-hand, “you tell me what you want to say on these cards and I’ll write it.”

While I did have to intervene a little just to make sure SOMETHING on A card suggested that it was Jaclyn’s birthday, about 75-80% of what you see on the cards below was dictated by Miles.

After we finished the cards, I gave Miles crucial instructions — he was to hide them in his room and present them to Mommy after waking up in the morning. He knew the perfect hiding spot.

Tucked under the pillows on his rocking chair.

And Miles largely stuck to the plan! When he was released from his holding chamber after waking up this morning, he retrieved the cards and delivered them right into Jaclyn’s hands. And even though most of what Miles had asked me to write involved presents he wanted, Jaclyn was nonetheless delighted.

At the end of the day, as we sat at the table eating cake, Jaclyn sighed. “This was the best birthday.”

I was skeptical. “The best birthday?”

“It was a pretty good birthday,” she said, “because I got to spend it with my two favorite guys.”

Miles dismissed her bluntly. “I can’t hear because I’m still eating cake,” he said between chews. “Leave me alone.”

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