Year 4, Day 304: Christmas 2021 In Review

As improbable as it might seem, Christmas Day actually started at a respectable hour (7 AM) for us, thanks in no small part to Miles not falling asleep until after 1:00 the night before. He was eager to get to the living room and see what Santa had left for him, but he didn’t really need to wake up my parents to do so (certainly a FAR CRY from what I did for Christmas at his age). It didn’t take Miles long to find evidence that Santa had, once again, vandalized the kitchen.

Exhibit A.

Miles was overjoyed at the sight of the Christmas tree, which frankly contained more gifts under it than the Martin house has ever seen.

Despite the overwhelming delight, Miles paced himself pretty well, opening presents one at a time, pausing to investigate each new one with genuine excitement (including clothes), and helping distribute gifts that weren’t his to the appropriate people.

He took particular delight in handing me this one. Santa fulfilled his holiday wish of plaguing me with Cocomelon products.

Once it was finally unearthed, everyone gathered to see Miles open his “big present,” which was apparently so big that he couldn’t find it for several minutes.

“…you mean BEHIND this thing?”

Miles was overjoyed to find that the Christmas drapery was concealing a “big boy” bicycle!

Of course, the first thing he wanted to do was ride it inside the house, so we had to get him outdoors quickly so he could try it out.

Pedaling is…going to take some getting used to.

Miles was running at peak energy all day, and by dinnertime he was loopy enough to take that weird “scary ghost stories” line from “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” to heart and start terrorizing everyone.

“BOOOOOOO! I’M A SCARY ZOMMMMMBIEEEE!” – Miles, Christmas Day 2021

While we headed back to Charlotte today, we first paid a visit to George and Sam’s, where Miles got to spend a little quality time with his friend Audrey.

But thankfully he wore himself out enough to sleep the whole ride home!

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