Year 4, Day 268

After a year lost to the pandemic, our legendary annual Dipsgiving event roared back today, moving out to the garage but still giving our friends a chance to showcase their culinary masterworks. As in years past, it didn’t disappoint.

And you’d think, with so much food around and nary a fork in sight, Miles’s grubby fingers would’ve been all over it. While this is certainly true of the graham crackers and Oreos that accompanied a couple dessert dips, Miles was far more interested in rallying his buddies and plowing into bystanders with a car (which I’m pretty sure is an act of domestic terrorism).

Thankfully Nolan didn’t press charges.

Just to make sure everyone had an appetite for the evening, Miles went around blowing raspberries and declaring that he was “pooping.”

Thanks, Miles. I’m sure everyone appreciates that.

Still, everyone had a great time and left filled to the brim with hearty dips!

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