Year 4, Day 239

It’s just over a week until Halloween now and it better get here quickly, because every day Miles gets more and more “ideas.” I’ve already talked about his existing plan (which will, sadly, be fully realized), but this morning he took it one step farther.

“Guess what?” were his first words to me today. “For Halloween, we’re going to dress up your car like the Geckomobile, Mommy’s car like the Owl Glider, and my car like the Cat Car.”

Yes, the PJ Masks each have their own themed ride, and Miles had decided that in order for us to truly be the superhero team we’d also need their wheels (or wings).

“Oh, is that right?” I replied incredulously.

“Yeah,” Miles said. He thought about the proposition for a moment, then added, “Except I need you to get me a car first.”

Ah, so THAT’S his game!

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