Year 4, Day 212

Today was Miles’s third day of German school, and it’s been going extraordinarily well so far. As reported previously, Miles has been over-the-moon enthusiastic about going to a “big kid school.” His teachers have said that he understands everything they’re saying and follows directions well.* And at pickup each day, Miles emerges from the classroom a ball of giddiness and energy, excited to tell us about that day and sing whatever song he’s managed to approximate about half the words to.

And as wonderful as all of that is, there’s another BIG benefit to all of this that we weren’t really able to enjoy until this weekend, when Jaclyn and I found ourselves without guests or other obligations — we drop Miles off and get almost three hours to ourselves.

We got breakfast together, then hit a pop-up market. Sure the time was brief, but I can’t stress enough how vital it is, and how easy it is to lose sight of that when you’re parenting full-time.

* So THAT’S the secret — we’re not speaking enough German at home.

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