Year 4, Day 200

We’re never certain of the cause when Miles is jostled from his slumber at night. I’ve speculated that it might be a loud car on the road nearby. Sometimes it’s my own opening of the garage door that does the trick. And it’s reasonable to think that sometimes it’s just a bad dream and an overactive imagination that sets him screaming.

And…well…he isn’t necessarily the only one given to those imaginative impulses.

Last night, Jaclyn picked out a movie for us to watch — The Old Ways, a suspense film about a demonic possession and a Mexican witch using old magic to expel the evil. It was, as movies about exorcisms tend to be, creepy. We watched the movie, then headed up to bed.

As soon as we reached the top of the stairs, Miles started wailing. We both hurried over to his room to find him sitting upright in his bed, staring foggily at the wall.

“What’s wrong, buddy?” I asked. Miles just sat there.

“Miles?” Jaclyn asked.

Miles pointed at the wall. “I don’t want that,” he mumbled.

He seemed to be pointing somewhere between his blocks and a stuffed animal. “You mean this?” I asked, pointing at the blocks.

“No,” he said, still pointing. “That.”

I tried the stuffed animal. “This?”

“No. That.” He still pointed to the space between them. There was nothing there.

Jaclyn coaxed him into putting his head down again, but then looked to the corner. “Uh,” she started. “Did you move his rocking chair?”

Sure enough, the rocking chair, which typically sits at a 45 degree angle from the wall, was sitting with its legs parallel to the wall. Neither one of us had moved it.

Miles went back to sleep, but we both exited the room just a little creeped out.

Lesson for the day: don’t watch exorcism movies when you’re parenting a toddler.

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