Year 4, Day 176

As Miles clambered into the car after daycare today, he insisted on holding onto his lunch bag. “There’s a surprise in there!” he said sneakily.

I stepped around and took my own seat, and Miles persisted. “It’s a seee-cret!”

“Okay Miles,” I said, playing along. “What’s in your lunch bag?”

…and after!

“Look!” he exclaimed. “It’s candy!”

“Oooo! A Blow-Pop!” I said. Then, being a real party pooper, “Now Miles, that has gum in it, which you aren’t supposed to swallow, so I think we should wait until we get home to eat it.”

To my surprise, Miles shoved the lollipop back into his lunch bag. “Okay, Daddy,” he said. “I’m listening to your rules.”

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