Year 4, Day 168

Yesterday, we left Charlotte for the first big family trip we’ve taken in two years, on a two-day drive that would take us first to Maryland then to Princeton, NJ.

At the outset of our journey, almost certainly the last time we’ll all be smiling in the car on this trip.

After what felt like days in the car, we arrived in Maryland for a brief visit with my cousin and her husband.

Her husband, much to Miles’s excitement, is a firefighter.

We stayed at a hotel in Baltimore for the night, where Miles took full advantage of the amenities.

He was especially captivated by the automatic pancake machine.

When we finally made it to Jaclyn’s aunt and uncle’s stately manor in Princeton, Miles was again awestruck by the amenities, here including a swimming pool, numerous farm animals, and ample Duplo blocks.

He also likely assumed dinner was a banquet in his honor.

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