Year 4, Day 167

Another night, another screaming episode. In what is becoming a regular occurrence, we were again jostled from unconsciousness around 4:30 in the morning, as Miles began screaming and banging on his door.

“Daddy!!” he cried out. And so it fell to me to go see what was upsetting him. As I headed down the hallway, I could see that he had turned his bedroom light on. This kid was wide awake.

“Hey, buddy!” I said as I opened the door, making sure he backed up. “What’s going on?”

Miles was a blubbering mess, tears streaking down his face, nose running. He pointed to his window, where he had raised the blinds about a foot. “I couldn’t see your car in the dark!” he cried.

So Miles had woken up in the middle of the night, wondered if I had gotten home from my trivia show, and freaked out when he thought I hadn’t. And you know, as much as I hate losing sleep, I sorta didn’t mind this one so much. I gave him a big hug, hoisted him back into bed, and sat with him as he returned to sleep.

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