Year 4, Day 147

When we left the house for Miles’s dentist appointment today, my son had a simple request. “I want to see the dentist not put something in my mouth,” he said.

I shrugged. “Well, the dentist is going to have to put something in your mouth, buddy.”

Miles grappled with this for a moment. “No!” he said finally. “Mommy said the dentist not put something in my mouth!”*

“Well I don’t know why mommy would say that, because that’s basically ALL the dentist does.”

Finally, he compromised. “I just want the dentist to put candy in my mouth.”

I couldn’t lie. “Miles, the dentist’s primary job is really to get the candy out of your mouth.”

* I cannot confirm or deny whether Jaclyn actually told him this, although I would not put it past her.

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