Year 4, Day 146

I arrived home from my trivia show last night to find someone up way past his bedtime…

Miles was just peering out of his window, waiting for me to pull up in the driveway. I quickly made my way upstairs to find the other half of my family was at least fast asleep. Miles was another story. As I entered his bedroom, Miles excitedly hurried over and said, “Daddy, daddy! Stay with me!” I told him I had to eat dinner, but agreed that he could come downstairs and sit with me in the meantime.

Was watching an episode of Animaniacs with Miles at 10:00 a good idea? Absolutely not. But I don’t typically even get to see him while he’s still conscious on Tuesday nights, so despite the hour, I was pretty happy to comply.

After the show ended, we went back upstairs and Miles clambered into bed. He asked me to stay with him and cuddle, shuffling over to give me room and saying, “Here, you can sleep here.” How was I supposed to say no to that?

Jaclyn apologized this morning, but I shrugged it off. Moments like this won’t last forever, and I intend to savor them while I can.

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