Year 4, Day 140

Last weekend, Miles was invited to a birthday party for his buddy Chase from daycare. While I wasn’t able to join Jaclyn and Miles, Jaclyn did tell me that when Miles arrived, he was introduced by Chase’s mom thusly: “This is Chase’s best friend!”

Maybe it’s because I really only see Miles at home, where he spends a majority of the time with Jaclyn and me, but the idea that Miles has a “best friend” is mind blowing to me. It’s not just a general affirmation either — Miles talks about Chase all the time and has even had him over a few times for play dates and parties. They really are best friends.

It’s so fascinating to think about the ways young children build social skills and develop friendships. Sure, Miles has attended daycare since he was two months old; he has literally grown up there so far. But, while the friends we make are often governed by our environment, it takes more than that to develop a deeper kinship. I have to believe that even three-year-olds need more than superficial connections to want to spend time with each other.

It’s also just relieving to know that Miles — disagreeable, argumentative, belligerent Miles — is actually able to attract friends!*

*Kidding — Miles has a delightful personality…most of the time.

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