Year 4, Day 124

As we’ve slowly gotten our new home closer to a place of ultimate functionality, we’ve continued making minor improvements and adjustments week to week. Recently we had a security system installed, which has given us the ability to monitor the front and back of the house when we’re away and concerned or (and this applies to most of my snooping this far) bored.

Yesterday, during a break in the company-wide training I’m leading at work, I noticed that the security app had detected movement in the driveway. I pulled up the video and was not at all surprised to find that it had been Jaclyn and Miles arriving home from daycare that had triggered the alert, but I wasn’t expected how adorable the video was going to be.

I watched as Jaclyn helped Miles get out of the car but didn’t realize our neighbors across the street, including Miles’s young pal Dimitri, had stepped out of their garage. Miles clambered out of the car, then darted around to the other side to wave at his friend. As Dimitri returned the wave, Miles darted across the street (with Jaclyn, of course), visibly excited to see his friend.

Most of Miles’s interactions with his peers happen at daycare, and I don’t get to witness them often. But it is really neat to watch a young kid navigate the waters of friendship (even if I have to do it from a security camera).

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