Year 4, Day 123

Despite the challenges that yesterday brought with it, this weekend wasn’t all emotionally and physically taxing. On the way down to Myrtle Beach on Saturday, I glanced back at Miles, lounging in his car seat with his hat and sunglasses on, looking about as relaxed as humanly possible.

“Wow, Miles,” I said. “You’re just chilling back there, huh?”

“Are you chillin’ like a villain?” Jaclyn asked.

“Yeah!” Miles replied. “I’m just chillin’ like a villain!”

Miles quickly turned this into a Mad Libs-style word game.

“I’m just chillin’ like a mommy!” he said.

Next came, “I’m just chillin’ like…an avocado.”

Then, “I’m just chillin’ like a cloud.” At this point, we was just looking out the window for inspiration. Which doesn’t really explain where he went next…

“I’m just chillin’ like a projector.”

I was willing to entertain the idea of “an avocado” or “a cloud” being “chill,” but a projector?

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