Year 4, Day 121

Sometime earlier in the week, probably Wednesday, we started talking to Miles about our weekend plans. Specifically, we were heading to Myrtle Beach for a beachside memorial in honor of Jaclyn’s father, after which we’d have a party in his memory. We’d be staying with my parents, and my brother and his wife — whom we’ve not seen in over a year — would also be coming down.

How this was summarized to Miles was something along the lines of, “We’re going to the beach this weekend to say goodbye to Papa. But we’ll see Grammy and your other Papa, and Uncle Ben, Uncle Curtis, and Aunt Christine too.”

Miles’s main takeaway: “I’m going to the beach with Grammy.”

His intentions for the weekend were clear from the moment we walked over to his room this morning and found the “message” he left for us outside his door:


So the big lesson for us is probably: “Don’t refer to the place Miles’s grandparents live as ‘the beach,’ because he will take that extremely literally.”

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