Year 4, Day 120

Before I could leave work last night, I received a series of text messages from Jaclyn vaguely outlining the unfortunate afternoon she was having with Miles, which included vomiting at school, in the car, and in a CVS bathroom as Jaclyn tried to buy some medicine for him. Suffice to say, Miles wasn’t going to swim class that evening.

“My tummy doesn’t feel very good,” was Miles’s appraisal of the whole experience.

Miles has only been sick a handful of times, and to the best of my recollection hasn’t really dealt with throwing up before. While he spent most of his time relaxing on the couch once he arrived home, he did have another round of vomiting hit just before bedtime. As I sat next to him rubbing his back and offering assurances, I wondered just what it must be like experiencing all of this for the first time. As a middle-aged man, vomiting is STILL terrible and I try to avoid it.

Still, despite the general unpleasantness and lack of dinner, Miles took everything in stride, actually believing us (!) when we told him that he needed to get a good night’s sleep to truly feel better. And I hope we’re right. Seeing your child sick, even with something as trivial as a 24-hour stomach bug, is heartbreaking.

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