Year 4, Day 105

Miles recently started swim classes again after taking last year off (for obvious reasons). While he wasn’t having any of it the first evening, he’s warmed up more and more with each successive class.

It doesn’t hurt that he gets a treat at the end of the session, food being the exceptional motivator it is for most children. Last night, Miles left with some Nutter Butter bite-size cookies (or as Miles called them “peanut butter waffle cookies”). He insisted on cracking the package open on the way home, and he had done such a good job of overcoming his fears and anxieties during the swim class that we both agreed that he had earned the snack.

Always gracious (he’s been reciting the “sharing is caring” mantra a lot lately), Miles offered a cookie to me. I told him I was fine, but he insisted on giving it to me anyway. What a considerate kid. I reached my hand behind my car seat to let Miles give me the cookie…

Wow…uh…thanks, Miles.

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