Year 4, Day 80

About a week ago, Jaclyn sent me a text reading, “Did you want to go strawberry picking at all?” This being, to the best of my recollection, the very first time we’ve ever discussed it, I replied, “Do you seriously think that’s something I’ve ever given one second of thought to?”

Anyway, this morning we went strawberry picking.

SOMEONE was EXTREMELY eager to get started.

Like any child new to fruit picking who’s been told to “fill the basket,” Miles was willing to collect just about any strawberry he found, regardless of how green or gnarly it might be. It took some coaching and guidance, but by the end of the morning Miles was finding quality strawberries like one of those truffle-sniffing pigs.

Miles was happy to be able to have Audrey there too, mainly because once his own basket was full he was able to help Audrey fill hers.

PICTURED: The kids enjoying the spoils of their labors.
PICTURED: ME enjoying the spoils of their labors.

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