Year 4, Day 75

Those who know me well (or have at the very least helped me move at some point) know that I have a vast number of artifacts from throughout my life that I have, for one reason or another*, refused to part with. I’ve always told myself I would one day either A) sell these items if they somehow appreciated in value or B) pass them down to my children to manhandle. Last night, I provided Miles with his first foray into this theoretical treasure trove, giving him a mint-in-package, vintage Darth Tater.

As I no doubt knew when I purchased it back in 2004, Miles absolutely loved it, although he had to ask me for clarification a number of times — was this Darth Vader or Mister Potato Head? He had a hard time wrapping his head around the idea that BOTH could be true.

Here he is trying to violently shake the toy from its moorings.

* It’s one reason, and the reason is that I have a problem.

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