Year 4, Day 70

Having settled into our new home, Jaclyn and I have turned to taking care of some of the dull tasks that accompany any move, such as updating our vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses.

You know who’s managed to eke some unexpected delight out of the latter of those? C’mon, two guesses…

After I received my new license in the mail, my old one suddenly went missing before I could properly dispose of it. And where did it turn up? Oh, on Miles’s bookcase.

Yes, Miles stole my driver’s license. Days ago. And it’s just sitting there on a shelf.

Jaclyn suggested (with a bit of urgency, really) that I should take it back, but I don’t see the harm in it. Whatever “it” is. I mean, if he tries to buy booze or something with it, that would be a problem. But he won’t do that.

No way he’ll do that.

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