Year 4, Day 69

Every night before I make my way to bed, I stop in to check on Miles. I tell myself I want to be sure his covers are still on top of him or that he’s not in danger of falling out of bed, and these things are true, but I honestly just want to see the little guy one more time before I end the day.

Last night I ducked in to find that he had shaken his covers off. I pulled them back up over him and quietly said, “There you go, little man.” He usually sleeps right through it and he did this time as well; however, he also held his hand out and started flailing around. I watched him sleepily cast his hand around, almost like he was trying to grab something, when I realized what he was looking for.

I held my hand out and he immediately found it and seized it, pulling it in close and wrapping his arms around it. I’m not sure if he was awake at all, but there was something comforting in knowing he wanted me close, consciously or not.

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